Homes for Sale
June 2019
Dear Realtors,
Thank you for your interest in Avalon.  We are a thriving neighborhood located on a beautiful golf course with lots to offer.  We hope you will take the time to review the explanation of our requirements (click on the above Realtor Information link) pertaining to advertisements in Avalon.  They are intended to maintain the atmosphere of our neighborhood. 
Please note that the Avalon Golf and Country Club is owned by H3 Corporation. It is not affiliated with the Avalon HOA, and golf membership is not included or required for home ownership in Avalon.  In fact, our Covenants and Restrictions now prohibit imposition of mandatory golf membership.
There are several subunits within Avalon with their own HOAs.  These HOAs impose fees that are in addition to those required by the Avalon HOA.  Contact and fee information is attached for those Subunit  HOAs.
Process instructions are also attached for ordering HOA related real estate closing documents.
Again, we welcome your interest in Avalon.
Contact information is
Avalon HOA Board of Directors


None listed at this time.