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Trash Bin Cleaning Service
Posted on Jul 1st, 2021

The HOA Board has identified a trash bin cleaning service for Avalon.  The company, KTown Bin Blasters, will clean your trash bins at curbside on a scheduled basis. They offer one time, monthly, and quarterly cleanings. KTown Bin Blasters will schedule their truck to service all bins on a Wednesday, the day most Avalon residents have trash pickup. They will arrive late morning/early afternoon, after normal trash collection is completed. If using their cleaning service, you will only need to leave your bins at curbside. If you have trash removal service on a day other than Wednesday, you can place your bin at curbside on the scheduled Wednesday. 
KTown Bin Blasters will offer Avalon residents a quarterly rate of $20 for the first bin and $5 for each additional bin.  Depending on the number of homeowners who sign up for quarterly service, they may be able to offer a discounted rate.  Once the number of initial signups is known, Bin Blasters will determine that rate. 
The link to their website is below. If you wish to sign up for this service or have questions, please contact them directly.
Thank you,
HOA Board